What Frozen 2 Can Teach Us in These Uncertain Times

The following blog posts are from a series written by this week’s guest blogger, Anne Davis from the memoir blog Running in Shadows. Anne has a unique perspective about the psychology found within the Frozen movies. She shares personal stories and insight about how Elsa, Anna, Christoph, and Olaf can help all of us navigate the uncertainty and difficulties we face today.

Welcome to Arendelle

Our world is fraught with fear, questions, worries, and change. It’s OK to be feeling what you’re feeling; to be experiencing what you’re experiencing; to be struggling the way you are struggling. But there’s hope and answers in the life lessons of the Frozen movies, whether or not you’re a kid.

Come with me to the magical kingdom of Arendelle, where we will analyze Elsa, Anna, Christoph, and everyone’s favorite snowman for psychological themes and lessons to help us through these times.

The Next Right Thing: Frozen Psychology IV

When we are in a dark place, wondering about the future, lost in uncertainty and fear, all we can do is look at the step we must take in front of us. Over ten years ago, at the start of my road to sobriety, I was at the bottom of a cave. I had to take life one step at a time, one day at a time, one tiny choice at a time. Anna has the same message for all of us.

What Can’t Be Trusted: Frozen Psychology III

Fear cannot be trusted, but is there a moment when it can? Perhaps, if we don’t let it be our master. Fear can do funny things to us, bring people to do horrible or wonderful actions toward their fellow man. We have a choice right now to either be controlled by our fear, or control it for our collective good.

Lost and Found: Frozen Psychology II

The characters of Frozen 2 have four distinct messages for those feeling lost and longing to be found. Whoever you are right now, wherever your place in the journey, Elsa, Anna, Christoph, and Olaf want you to know: You are found. You have purpose. You’re not alone.

Putting on a Show: Frozen Psychology I

Growing up Mormon was all about outward appearances. You had to look good, act good, be good, no matter what went on inside. I always felt a part of me was, somehow, wrong. Elsa has message is for anyone and everyone who has felt some pressure to hide part of yourself for the benefit of others.


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